About Us

Future Work Skills Master Classes that will change your life.

The Future Work Skills Academy brings together the world’s leading contemporary thinkers and practitioners in the 10 skills identified by the Institute for the Future’s (IFTF) 2011 report: Future Workskills 2020.

The goal of  the Future Work Skills Academy is to enable you to find and refine the humanness that sets you apart from machines.

In a computational world where the rise and rise of the machine continues unabated the Future Work Skills Academy provides a key to unlock  your potential as a human being and find your place in the workforce of the future.


We envisage a world of work where the power of humanness transcends technology.

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People are at the centre of everything we do. Our unifying mission is to form an essential thread that builds the bridge between you and the future of work.

We will do this by providing you access to the great answers to the questions posed by the rise of machines and advancing automation.  We will help you find your place, your purpose, and fulfil your potential.

Together we will connect, collaborate, and create to conquer the challenges of the future.