Art of Humanness Flagship Program AUSTRALIA 2020


As the focus on the disruption caused by the 4th Industrial Revolution’s frontier technologies intensifies demand is rising for concrete solutions across a number of constructs. Leaders and managers in organisations are looking for solutions to scaffold between old and new business models and between legacy human capital skills and empowered human workers. And then there are those that find themselves at the top of their game and looking at ‘retirement’ but who feel they have a lot more to give and (as we live longer lives) a lot more to live. If you are the latter, this book is for you.

 Digital Learning Phase

  6-week self-paced program

  Regular virtual meet ups with Facilitator and training cohort

  Group Assessment

  Subscription Duration:

12 months unlimited

digital learning phase Digital Learning Phase

calendar 6-week self-paced program

teacher Regular virtual meet ups with Facilitator and training cohort

test Group Assessment

clock Subscription Duration:

12 months unlimited