DESIGN MINDSET: Full Suite of Masterclasses

Antoni Gaudi is the world’s most famous exemplar of the Design Mindset. Now you too can learn to apply this powerful skill to all that you create.

Learn the fundamentals of the Design Mindset from one of Europe’s leading experts in the field. Tap your inner designer and immediately start to apply the tenets of empathy, prototyping and collaboration to the experiences you create in your workplace. The results will be rapid and inspiring!

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this Suite you will be able to:

-Describe what design is and why it is also relevant to people who don’t call themselves designers -Explain what it means to apply a user-centered approach -Describe how iteration and prototyping can be used in the the creation process -Defend why it is better to collaborate than go it alone -Define who your users are and how you can empathize with them -Choose and use the right prototyping framework for your topic -Assemble a design team and provide it with the right conditions in which to create -Structure meetings and workshops based on a design approach -Plan iterations and making them part of your project structure -Provide guidance as a coach and leveraging the power of your work space

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   57 min of video

   26 supplemental resources

   Access on mobile

   Certificate of completion


Johannes Myer

Is this for You?

If you wish to discover and refine your designer in the context of the workplace, to tap ingenuity and contribute to experience of all users of processes and products in your organization this is the course for you.

As the focus on the disruption caused by the 4th Industrial Revolution’s frontier technologies intensifies demand is rising for concrete solutions across a number of constructs. Leaders and managers in organisations are looking for solutions to scaffold between old and new business models and between legacy human capital skills and empowered human workers. And then there are those that find themselves at the top of their game and looking at ‘retirement’ but who feel they have a lot more to give and (as we live longer lives) a lot more to live. If you are the latter, this book is for you.