Hi, I’m Donna P. A Eiby and I am on a mission to make our humanness the most valuable attribute in the workplace.


I proudly come from a clan of educators and trailblazers.

In Hamburg 1872 at the age of 18, my great, great, great Grandfather Rasmus Eiby fearlessly boarded the Dutch ship Reichstag in a search for adventure. A gruelling 111 days later he arrived in Moreton Bay, Queensland a predominantly convict settlement inhabited with Britain’s most hardened criminals and recidivist prisoners.

Throughout the generations our family tree is garnished with like-minded pioneers, with a dash of the need to share and coach.

Over a century later my congenital forefather’s curiosity and courage has manifested itself into my true passions; a desire to transfer skills, build capability in those around me and an innate pioneering spirit.

Starting life as a primary school teacher I specialised in children with learning disabilities, but my cogitations out grew the conformations.

With an aspiration to experience more, I signed up for the Australian Army in 1988; becoming part of the trailblazing first contingent of woman trainees accepted into the Royal Military College Duntroon.

Soon I found my strength as an innovator and mentor led to developing and delivering training programs for trade apprentices and aeronautical engineers at the Defence Force Academy and the Royal Military College.

With a craving to build a business of my own I left the defence force in 1994.

My first training course was in collaboration with my friend and business partner, Wendy Knobel. We designed and delivered training for small businesses; teaching them how to create and facilitate tenders, a first of their kind in Australia.

We coached clients large and small in pubs, hotel meeting rooms and sheds country wide. Where ever people wanted to learn we were there to educate.

We worked with the Defence Industry Association, Chambers of Commerce, Sydney Olympic Authority, and local councils. Our efforts broadened to include designing and delivering capability building programs for Vocational Education organisations, government departments, and entire not-for-profit sectors.

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As pioneers in our field we published the first book, and developed the first accredited training course in tendering. This led to a first of its kind software application to manage the tender process.

Expanding into sales support training programs for global corporations including Hewlett-Packard and Verizon, we have trained over 2500 people in all manner of activities associated with proposal development, quality, and bid management.

All in all, we have spent the last 23 years finding a way to educate, advise and inspire.

As part of our practice of keeping an eye out for emerging competencies that may be required by our clients I came across the Institute for the Future’s (IFTF) 2011 report: Future Workskills 2020; a report dedicated to identifying what skills will be required to actively participate in the workplace of the future. Mindful that this was important to our clients I searched for training courses in these skills and came up with very little.

The was conceived from that vacuum. The next step was to search for the best people in the world to fulfil the promise of a program that will empower your characteristics as a human, characteristics that transcend technology.

1 June 2018 saw this program become a reality.  The Future Work Skills Academy showcases online micro lessons delivered by 10 Skills Coaches over 3 modules in each of the 10 skills identified by the Institute for the Future as critical to future work. And this is just the beginning!