Dr Päivi Lohikoski Wins Academic PM Award


4IR.org Virtual Collaboration Skills Coach Dr Päivi Lohikoski received an Academic PM Award at the annual Project Management Conference “Projektipäivät 2016” in Helsinki, Finland on 2 November. Her PhD thesis ‘Information Processing in Global Virtual NPD Projects’ was selected from a crowded field of research projects due to its highly relevant topic of Virtual Collaboration. Dr Lohikoski’s core focus was new virtual communication competencies at a personal level and capabilities in the wider context of the organization.

In her thesis she also investigated trust which is essential when managing global virtual projects. As an increasing amount of work is project-based, virtual and global Virtual Collaboration is fast becoming a ‘must have’ in today’s repertoire of work skills.

Projektipäivät is the largest and most significant event within the field of Project Management in Finland. It is an annual networking and knowledge sharing event for researchers, companies and project management professionals with over 1000 participants.

Päivi will be delivering the Virtual Skills Masterclasses as part of the 4IR.org Future Work Skills Program commencing in March 2017. Learn more about Päivi here.