I’m GK VanPatter your 4IR.org Novel and Adaptive Thinking Skills Coach. My passion is building next generation innovation teams and cultures.

For more than a decade of practice I have been working with organizational leaders designing, driving and explaining adaptability, innovation and change in organizational contexts.

My long-standing work includes the integration of visual sensemaking into the innovation process. Prior to forming Humantific I was Innovation VP at Scient, a Scient Fellow and CoFounder of Scient’s Innovation Acceleration Labs. Former editor of NextD Journal I write frequently on the subjects of strategic design thinking, inclusive innovation and design thinking futures. I was an early advocate of applying design thinking beyond product, service and experience creation.

I hold a Masters degree in Design from Pratt Institute in New York and am working on my PhD in Strategic Design thinking at Swinburne University. I am delighted to speak frequently at international conferences on subjects related to innovation enabling in organizations. My current focus is Humantific’s new book entitled Innovation Methods Mapping: De-Mystifying 80+ Years of Innovation Process Design being published soon.

I live in New York City.

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