I am Johannes Meyer, your Design Mindset Skills Coach; I help people and their organizations solve problems and create new products, services and experiences using design approaches.

A Design Thinking & Innovation Facilitator from Berlin, Germany, I teach and coach to enable people look at their challenges, customers and colleagues in new ways.

I started my career as a teacher in Sri Lanka. As one of the first Germans ever I took a one year teaching position at a rural girls school. I developed content for language learners aged 3-12 and delivered hundreds of lessons growing the language competency and self-esteem of children from low income families. I learned to work in tropical heat and discovered my passion for experiential learning.

After getting an M.A. in culture, media & business and a degree in Design Thinking, my first job was with SAP. I helped create user-centered business software and was part of SAP’s transformation to one of the biggest adopters of Design Thinking in the world.

Moving to the education sector, I became program lead at HPI Academy, where I helped build one of Europe’s most prestigious learning programs on Design Thinking and innovation. I ran classes and workshops for over one thousand participants from over twenty countries who moved on to transform their teams, organizations and career.

I am now a freelancer in Berlin, using my experience to help organizations discover their version of Design Thinking. I want my work to be pragmatic, concrete and focused on the individual requirements of organizations and their people. Accordingly, the Design Mindset Masterclass will include practical experiences and tools that help you approach any challenge with a designer’s creative problem solving framework.

I am a listener. I don’t interrupt. Whatever industry or background you come from, I’m intrigued by your business problem and can help you phrase it as a design challenge. I am no artist, but I communicate visually. I pride myself in facilitating meetings and workshops that people find incredibly productive.

Besides work, I’m married, I love to backpack and I’m the singer of a Berlin based rock band called Down to Nine.


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