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Welcome to the only place on earth offering training in the 10 workskills of the future.

1 November 2017 marks the official opening of the academic year.

We will launch our Art of Humanness series delivered by Elizabeth Pastor , CJ Mills, Johannes Meyer and Dr Sandeep Atre.

Our SenseMaking, Novel & Adaptive Thinking, Design Mindset and Social Intelligence modules have all been carefully crafted to ensure you refine your uniquely human capabilities so you can effectively and happily engage in the workplace of the future (and now as it happens).

Enrolment into the Future Work Skills Academy will open on 15 October 2017 where you will be able to read detail about each module including learning outcomes.

The remaining 6 modules will be released progressively over the next 7 months.

All 30 online training courses delivered through the  state of the art learning management platform Velpic will leave you confident and ready to fully engage your humanness, to lead and manage with confidence, and participate with mastery in the workplace of today and tomorrow.



Receive Coaching from the World’s Leaders

30 Masterclasses delivered through online training videos available to you 24/7, 365 days a year via a 1 year subscription will prepare you for the future of work.

Learn from the world’s leaders in future skills who have come together to develop training for you that will super power your humanness.

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