NOVEL AND ADAPTIVE THINKING: Full Suite of Master Classes

Entrepreneur and Creative Thinking Guru CJ Mills is your guide in this fascinating journey designed to accelerate both your Novel & Adaptive Thinking skill set. Complete the program with a Novel and Adaptive Thinking Work Out Plan and flex those thinking muscles!

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this Suite you will be able to:

-Paraphrase the definition of Adaptive Thinking and why you need to be an Adaptive Thinker

-Describe different types of thinking: Convergent vs Divergent -Outline the key conditions in which Adaptive Thinking is powerful

-Explain the main characteristics of Adaptive Thinkers and how you can be one too

-Select tools and techniques of Adaptive Thinking

-Explain how bias can constrain Adaptive Thinking and how humans are superior to machines

-Apply a simple, easy to follow process to embody Adaptive Thinking every day

-Explain what it looks like to implore a creative mindset

-Describe the traits of Novel Thinkers -Demonstrate how to use Novel Thinking every day

-Employ the tools for Novel Thinking

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$40 AUD




   1 hour 14 min of video

   24 supplemental resources

   Access on mobile

   Certificate of completion


C.J. Mills

I’m a Project Management specialist from San Francisco with a strong interest in Novel and Adaptive Thinking.  I’m excited to lead you through these three modules to help you increase your agency in fluid thinking.

Is this for You?

The combination of a rise in automation and the speed of innovation means mental models have to change. For humans to tap into the promise of Industry 4.0 new ways of thinking need to be a core competence. The beauty of this is that we all have it in us to be Novel and Adaptive Thinkers. Your time starts now!

As the focus on the disruption caused by the 4th Industrial Revolution’s frontier technologies intensifies demand is rising for concrete solutions across a number of constructs. Leaders and managers in organisations are looking for solutions to scaffold between old and new business models and between legacy human capital skills and empowered human workers. And then there are those that find themselves at the top of their game and looking at ‘retirement’ but who feel they have a lot more to give and (as we live longer lives) a lot more to live. If you are the latter, this book is for you.