Hi, I’m Dr Päivi Lohikoski your 4IR.org Virtual Collaboration Skills Coach with a passion for enhancing and renewing virtual working cultures globally.


I come from Oulu, Finland, which is in the arctic part of the globe. Oulu, despite its remoteness has one of the world’s highest performing ICT, research and health industries. And it has achieved its success largely though adapting competence in Virtual Collaboration skills.

The reason I like to live here is the opportunity to do research, teach, and work together with world class experts all the while being close to nature.

I have a PhD in Technology and MA in Communication and Information Studies. I have extensive experience in designing and teaching in e-learning classes and working for the ICT industry globally. I have instructed over thousand University students and adult learners over the years and worked with R&D engineers and management in ICT industry.

I have worked in the United States and in Sweden, traveled in 9 countries through over 200 cities and I communicate in 4 different languages. I like to cross-country ski or ride mountain bikes in my downtime and I read 4 books per week. I have written over 17 book chapters or articles about knowledge management and communications and I have worked in 5 different industries since I was 15 years old.

In my Virtual Collaboration Masterclass you will learn practical skills that will enable you to engage effectively in the increasingly globalized world of work.

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