Design Mindset

A pioneer of the European Design Thinking community Johannes Meyer has a unique combination of knowledge and practical application that will leave you skilled up and ready to apply the Design Mindset to your work challenges immediately.







Overall Master Class Objectives

In these 3 x 20 minute lessons you will learn how:

  • design can be understood and why you might consider yourself a designer
  • to apply the mechanics of design mindset in your own work
  • to take the lead in using a design mindset for your organization’s projects

Lesson 1: What is a Design Mindset?


  • Introduction to understanding the Design Mindset
  • Introduction to working user-centered
  • Introduction to iterative prototyping

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this lesson you will understand:

  • What design is and why it is also relevant to people who don’t call themselves designers
  • What it means to apply a user-centered approach
  • How iteration and prototyping can be used for any domain or topic area

Lesson 2: Tools for the Design Mindset


  • Introduction to building empathy
  • Prototyping your way forward
  • Structuring team work with a Design Mindset

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the lesson, you will be able to apply a Design Mindset to your own projects by:

  • Defining who your users are and how you can empathize with them
  • Choosing and using the right prototyping framework for your topic
  • Assembling a design team and providing it with the right conditions

Lesson 3: Leading with a Design Mindset


  • Design as a universal problem solving process
  • Iteration and working with risk
  • The role of a coach and work space

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the lesson, you will be able to introduce a design mindset to day to day work situations by:

  • Structuring meetings and workshops based on a design approach
  • Planning iterations and making them part of your project structures
  • Providing guidance as a coach and leveraging the power of your work space
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Meet The Faculty


Johannes Meyer

I am Johannes Meyer, your Design Mindset Skills Coach; I help people and their organizations solve problems and create new products, services and experiences using design approaches.

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