Novel & Adaptive Thinking

Entrepreneur and Creative Thinking Guru CJ Mills is your guide in this fascinating journey designed to accelerate both your Novel & Adaptive Thinking skill set. Complete the program with a Novel and Adaptive Thinking Work Out Plan and flex those thinking muscles!






Overall Master Class Objectives

In these 3 x 20 minute lessons you will learn:

  • the importance of Novel and Adaptive Thinking
  • the contexts where Novel and Adaptive Thinking is most effective
  • tools and techniques for Novel and Adaptive Thinking

Lesson 1: Introduction to Adaptive Thinking


  • Introduction to Adaptive Thinking
  • When Adaptive Thinking is used
  • How Adaptive Thinkers operate
  • How to become an Adaptive Thinker
  • Step by Step Approach for Adaptive Thinking

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this lesson you will understand:

  • The definition of Adaptive Thinking
  • Why you need to be an Adaptive Thinker
  • Different types of thinking: Convergent vs Divergent
  • The key conditions in which Adaptive Thinking is powerful
  • The main characteristics of Adaptive Thinkers and how you can be one too
  • Select tools and techniques of Adaptive Thinking
  • The power and deficits of our brains – how bias can constrain Adaptive Thinking and how humans are superior to machines – we are the true Adaptive Thinkers!
  • A simple, easy to follow process to embody Adaptive Thinking every day

Lesson 2: Introduction to Novel Thinking


  • The defintion of Novel Thinking
  • Why you need to be a Novel Thinker
  • When to use Novel Thinking
  • What you need to know about yourself before you can truly become a Novel Thinker
  • Tools for Novel Thinking

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the lesson, you will understand:

  • What it looks like to implore a creative mindset
  • More about fluid thinking – the uniquely human capability
  • The traits of Novel Thinkers
  • How to use Novel Thinking every day
  • Tools for Novel Thinking

Lesson 3: Novel and Adaptive Thinking Workout Plan


  • Shake Self-Doubt and the Fear of Failure
  • Utilize Dispassionate Observance
  • Seek Alternative World views
  • Slow Down and Create Constructive Uncertainty to Eliminate Bias
  • Ask Better Questions
  • Utilize Ethnography
  • Using the Workout Plan to support your Novel & Adaptive thinking journey

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the lesson, you will understand that:

  • fitness for Novel and Adaptive Thinking is a life journey
  • your greatest potential and roadblocks lie within yourself
  • you need to bring yourself to a mindset before you can fully ulitize these two types of thinking
  • you have it in you to make this skill your own
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Meet The Faculty

C.J. Mills

Hi, I’m Cecilio ‘C.J.’ Mills  your Novel and Adaptive Thinking Skills Coach. I have a deep, deep passion for competition, giving knowledge, and helping increase self-sufficiency. I look forward to helping you create solutions, adapt process, and think strategically.

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