Social Intelligence

World-renowned specialist Dr Sandeep Atre leads you on this journey through the key attributes of Social Intelligence. This is the skill that empowers all others in the Art of Humanness. Master this and master all!



Overall Master Class Objectives

In these 3 x 20 minute lessons you will learn:

  • what Social Intelligence is, and how its components can play an important role in your success in the workplace.
  • the base concepts and foundational skill of awareness.
  • how to observe and interpret ‘nonverbal cues’ for better attunement.
  • to develop adaptability in behavior for interpersonal synchrony.

Lesson 1: Introduction to Awareness


  • Social Intelligence is a whole-brained concept
  • Social Intelligence begins as an inside-out skill
  • Empathy is the root skill of Social Intelligence

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this lesson you will understand:

  • The ‘whole brain’ concept of social intelligence and how it is relevant to the workplace.
  • The skill of self-awareness for better regulation of yourself in connection with others.
  • How to develop and apply empathy in various practical ways.

Lesson 2: Attunement


  • Words express thoughts…the body expresses emotions
  • Orientation & Gesticulation
  • Expressions

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this lesson you will understand:

  • The role that nonverbal behavior plays in emotional attunement and the factors to be taken into account while interpreting cues from it.
  • How to observe and interpret orientation and gesticulations.
  • How to read facial expressions for understanding someone’s emotions.

Lesson 3: Adaptability


  • Vocal Cues
  • Personal Environment
  • Adaptability

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this lesson you will understand:

  • How to observe and interpret vocal cues in communication.
  • How to understand what people’s possessions tell about them.
  • How to customize one’s behavior for interpersonal synchrony.
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Meet The Faculty


Dr Sandeep Atre

Hi, I am Dr. Sandeep Atre your Social Intelligence Skills Coach. I am passionate about helping people understand themselves holistically, connect to each other in meaningful ways, and unleash their potential as individuals and teams.

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