SENSEMAKING: Full Suite of Masterclasses

Take a ride through the challenging and exhilarating world of SenseMaking with Time Magazine’s SenseMaker Elizabeth Pastor from Humantific in New York. Learn the fundamentals of visualizing and organizing to better navigate the complex and fuzzy workplaces of today. And the Future.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this Suite you will be able to:

-Describe what SenseMaking is in the context of the complex everyday world that we live in today. -Detail the historical timeline of the SenseMaking development cycle still underway. -Explain How Visual SenseMaking & ChangeMaking can and are being combined to make a better world. -Apply the 3 organizing considerations (Content, Purpose and People) -Identify the 1st Level organizing system -Select the best LATCH organizing framework (Location, Alphabet, Time, Category, Hierarchy) -Identify words that trigger visuals in your mind -Practice the 4-step process to turn words and ideas into pictures -Use your personal visual toolkit and the LATCH visual frameworks

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   1 hour 18 min of video

   21 supplemental resources

   Access on mobile

   Certificate of completion


Elizabeth Pastor

Internationally recognized Author, Designer, Facilitator and Educator Elizabeth Pastor combines a unique expertise in Visual SenseMaking and Strategic CoCreation. Based in New York City and Madrid she works with many global companies.

Is this for You?

Anyone who finds themselves challenged at work by increasingly fuzzy problems will find this course an excellent introduction to some powerful approaches and tools for seeking solutions.

As the focus on the disruption caused by the 4th Industrial Revolution’s frontier technologies intensifies demand is rising for concrete solutions across a number of constructs. Leaders and managers in organisations are looking for solutions to scaffold between old and new business models and between legacy human capital skills and empowered human workers. And then there are those that find themselves at the top of their game and looking at ‘retirement’ but who feel they have a lot more to give and (as we live longer lives) a lot more to live. If you are the latter, this book is for you.