SOCIAL INTELLIGENCE: Full Suite of Masterclasses

Dr Sandeep Atre delivers a rich and informative Masterclass on this powerful and uniquely human ability. Social Intelligence is within us all.

With Dr Atre’s guidance you will learn to access and harness Social Intelligence for an enhanced workplace experience both now and in the future.

Learning Outcomes
At the end of this Suite you will be able to:

-Explain the ‘whole brain’ concept of social intelligence and how it is relevant to the workplace.
-Describe the skill of self-awareness for better regulation of yourself in connection with others.
-Develop and apply empathy in various practical ways.
-Explain the role that nonverbal behavior plays in emotional attunement and the factors to be taken into account while interpreting cues from it.
-Observe and interpret orientation and gesticulations.
-Read facial expressions for understanding someone’s emotions.
-Observe and interpret vocal cues in communication.
-Understand what people’s possessions tell about them.
-Customize your behavior for interpersonal synchrony





   1 hour 51 min of video

   21 supplemental resources

   Access on mobile

   Certificate of completion


Dr Sandeep Atre

My life story has been about combining my passion with purpose, and then striving for proficiency to make it my profession. Let me now share it with you.

Is this for You?

Work with people? Want to be more successful in communicating, leading and managing? This series of work-focussed classes offers key insights into the power of Social Intelligence and will leave you skilled up and ready to apply this all important skill for success. Master this and master all!

As the focus on the disruption caused by the 4th Industrial Revolution’s frontier technologies intensifies demand is rising for concrete solutions across a number of constructs. Leaders and managers in organisations are looking for solutions to scaffold between old and new business models and between legacy human capital skills and empowered human workers. And then there are those that find themselves at the top of their game and looking at ‘retirement’ but who feel they have a lot more to give and (as we live longer lives) a lot more to live. If you are the latter, this book is for you.