The Academy

Welcome to the only place on earth offering training exclusively in the work skills of the future.

The Future Work Skills Academy is the only one of its kind in the world. A unicorn delivering training identified by both the World Economic Forum and Institute for the Future as integral for engagement and agency in the Future of Work we offer skillset transformation led by a diverse array of the world’s experts.

Our subject matter focuses on teaching agency in those traits, skills and behaviours that will allow humans to flourish in the age of cognitive augmentation. Our Foundation Literacy Master Classes include Novel and Adaptive Thinking, Design Mindset, SenseMaking, Virtual Collaboration, Computational Thinking, New Media Literacy, Cross Cultural Competency, Cognitive Load Management and Transdisciplinarity. Special guest stars deliver short courses in Enabling Literacies such as Assisted Mindfulness as A Digital Literacy, Agile Mindset, Creative Problem Solving, News Judgement and Systems Thinking.

The Academy offers online training courses delivered through a Next Generation Digital Learning Environment Eurekos where learners will interact with learning material and collaborate with fellow team members through Communities of Interest and Teams. The outcome: learners who are confident and ready to realise their full human potential, to lead and manage with confidence, and participate with mastery in the workplace of today and tomorrow. You can read about our philosophy here.


In designing and developing Master Classes for the Future Work Skills Academy we have employed pedagogical approaches we selected as most appropriate for optimizing learner engagement in a video training context. Our research has been wide-ranging and we ultimately settled on two key sources: the works of Professor John Sweller and his team from the University of NSW and Elizabeth Choe from MIT. You can read more about the methods we used here.


The Academy curriculum is designed for two levels of learning cohort: Next Leaders (the leaders of the future) and Now Leaders (those that lead people and organisations today). 

The learning journey starts with the online video courses  and all learners undertake these as a baseline. We have adopted this approach based on evidence that suggests that the first step of true agency is knowledge infusion. Course are available as a one off purchase or as part of an annual subscription offered to organisations.

Learners then stream into their two cohorts and progress to webinars hosted by Skills Coaches. These are available for single enrollment. 10 webinars a year are included for organisations with annual subscriptions.

Learners have further opportunity to increase their agency through a series of group based, collaborative training activities delivered through the Teams and Communities function of the Academy.

From 2019, the Academy goes on the road with challenge-based workshops where learners apply their skills in real time facilitated by the Academy Skills Coaches. Workshops will be offered for both Now Leaders and New Leaders in Australia and the US.

Virtual Worlds

The Academy is in discussions with WTRI to bring to market scenario-based, virtual learning activities to further entrench skills in learners through their platform which you can read read about here.