The Spirit of Our Intent

Facing the Future with Confidence.

Mindset and Skillset

We have worked hard to ensure our training is not just about developing Mindset but Skillset. Our measure of success in this regard is that a learner emerges from our Masterclasses embodying the skill in a way that manifests itself into their external environment. That is, they don’t just see things differently but they can do things differently. And to add to the effectiveness of this Skillset training we have ensured all our content is couched in terms of the workplace context; the way of doing immediately becomes a part of their technical competence on the job. 

Positive, Confidence Building, Enabling

Yes, we will see changes in work brought about by machine learning, AI and automation. These changes are likely to be significant and without precedent; many people approach this emerging reality with fear. There is a significant amount of airtime devoted to the calamity facing humankind much of it alarmist and dystopian that fuels this fear. Our training eschews this view of the future for our own reality and that is that humans have powers beyond those that will ever be possessed by machines. We like to focus on what we can do, how we can rise, how we can engage and be effective participants in the future of work.